Alison Kane

Day Hiker and Weekend Family Camper

Angie Quaale

Champion for ALL Things Local

Ash Hodgson

Outdoor Cook and Photographer

BBQ Brian

Pitmaster, Sauce Creator and Story Teller

BBQ Ninja

The BBQ Ninja of the Outdoor Cooking World

BBQ Tourist

Co-founder of The Smoke Sheet BBQ Newsletter

Ben Arnot

Voice of Australian BBQ through Smoking Hot Confessions

Bill Wright

Barbecue and Dutch Oven the Traditional Way

Boomas Bromage

Backyard BBQ, Competition BBQ, Food Lover

Brad Barrett

The Hottest Thing in Grilling is Not a Grill….It's a Grate!

Brad Leighninger

Founder, Competition Pitmaster, and Executive Chef of Gettin' Basted


Butcher Luke from Kelly's Meats Cranbourne Australia

Chef Jackie

Fresh, modern recipes. Not afraid of butter.

Dan Hodgson

Youthful Approach to Outdoor Cooking Recipes

Dean Schumann

Your Backyard BBQ Specialists

Deb Basquez

Dutch Oven Cooking Competitor and Demonstrator

Dewayne Poynter

Heart Behind Rib Lickers and


Real Food Recipes that Make you Feel Good

Harry Soo

Know the Way. Cook the Way. Show the Way


John is the head chef and pit-master for the restaurant and competition BBQ team Hog Shack.


Bringing California Flavors to the World of Barbecue

Janice Smella

Award Winning Competitive BBQ Cook

Jason Bauer

Warpig Smokehouse – Where Smoke Meets Flavor!

Joey Machado

Doing what I love , because I love what I do!

Justin Gradon

From Building Pits to Cooking on Spits

Kathy Caldwell

Dutch Oven Cook Off Lover

Kathy Pullin

Pullin Premium BBQ for a Sweet n Sassy BBQ

Ken Fisher

Date Night is Doing BBQ for Two

Malcom Reed

The Man Behind 'How to BBQ Right'

Mamma Boyers

Dutch Oven for the Whole Family

Mark Lambert

Six Time Barbecue World Champion

Matthew Staunton

Lives and Breathes Barbecue

Moe Cason

Pitmaster Dedicated to the Craft of BBQ

Omar Alvarez

Omar is a Dutch Oven cook, come BBQ cook, come Chuck Wagon cook, and has a lot of inspiration to share!

Pat Maddock

Living the Dream with Food, Friends and Competition

Pro Escobedo

Catching to Cooking Pro Covers it All

Ranger Nick

A True Aussie Bushman

Richard Jones

Farm fresh food made fun!

Rob Reinhardt

Canadian BBQ Champ & Teacher

Saffron Hodgson

Lover of Everything Outdoor Cooking

Sage Sanchez

Making Barbecue Achievable and Enjoyable for Everyone

Scott Mech Gould

Its only barbecue

Scott Stevens

A Simple Man with Simple Tastes

Steve Waldron

BBQ'd/Grilled Food Creator

Tim Scheer

The Tallest Man in BBQ

Tom Brewer

Old School Skills Making Great Outdoor Food

Tom Wallin

Pacific Northwest BBQ Pioneer

Ty Machado

The Youth of American BBQ

Vic Clevenger

Cook Like a Boss