Matthew Staunton

Matthew Staunton

Lives and Breathes Barbecue

Competition pitmaster, B&B Charcoal Ambassador, and Director of KidsQue Nation Australia, Matthew lives and breathes barbecue.

Though he grew up in Australia cooking and enjoying a barbecue, like roasts and grilled chicken, it wasn’t until recently that Matthew discovered the “low and slow” barbecue technique which really opened a new world for him. He created the Smoking Coals Barbecue team a few years back to further explore this specific type of food.

When the Smoking Coals Barbecue team started cooking in Sydney, Australia in 2015, they came together with a lot of experience in wood and charcoal cooking. They trained and competed, and eventually became a worldwide powerhouse. In fact, in only their first year as a team, they brought home 20 category wins, two reserve grand championships, and one grand championship win.

About Matthew Staunton


Matthew Staunton




Sydney, Australia


Smoking Coals Barbecue



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B&B Charcoal Ambassador

Member of

KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society | SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) | ABA (Australasian Barbecue Association) | KidsQue Nation Australia


Multiple Grand Champions