Alison Kane

Day Hiker and Weekend Family Camper

Alison has a long background of outdoor activities which started through the Scout Association. Now it is continued with weekend day hikes and family camps.

Whether she is hiking around Sydney, off driving to a family camp, or on an adventure overseas, she always has a keen eye for new foods and ideas.

About Alison Kane


Alison Kane




Sydney, Australia


Head of Wellbeing, Safety & Environment

Areas of Expertise

Member of

Scout Association (past)


Team Bush Kitchen Grand Champion Meatstock

Frog in a Pond

This was a special treat back in the day now popular with new generations. It’s pretty simple, chocolate frogs in…

by Alison Kane

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread is a treat found across Australia, typically made for children’s birthday parties as a simple yet colorful treat.…

by Alison Kane

Nuts and Bolts

A simple healthy snack. Ideal as a trail mix or scroggin, or Nuts and Bolts can even be prepared for…

by Alison Kane