Tom Brewer

Old School Skills Making Great Outdoor Food

Tom has a long history of camping and outdoor activities which combined with his formal French chef training to create a range of hearty yet tasty outdoor meals. Whenever he has fire he can create a feast.

On retirement, Tom became an Australian Gey Nomad, the loving term given to the older generation who travel around Australia exploring the coast to the outback. This adventure lasted 6 years before finally settling down.

Today time is spent relaxing and passing on wisdom to the younger generation. A life times of experience and knowledge available to those who ask the right questions.

About Tom Brewer


Tom Brewer




Adelaide, SA, Australia



Areas of Expertise

Curried Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are mixed with a savory blend of their yolk, curry powder, and mayonnaise in this easy dish that…

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Corned Beef Stew

Corned beef stew is a kickback to the second world war when people lived off of simple rations like tinned…

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