Advertise With Us

Bush Cooking offers advertising which is very different from traditional online marketing and advertising offers.

Bush cooking allows you to purchase the advertising at a fixed cost for your recipes. This is independent of the performance of the recipe. If you provide a quality recipe with many hundreds of thousands of views it costs the same as an average performing recipe. (Tip: provide or associate with quality performing recipes).

For reference traditional marketing offers ‘cost per view’, ‘cost per click’, or similar which is capped out at a specific financial value. These advertising slots have limited control over what content they can attach to, and this is governed by algorithms.

Advertising occurs only on recipes associated with your brand, meaning if you are the contributor or the contributors agree to link to your brand.

Purchasing the advertising means no competitors can advertise on your recipes. Bush Cooking has no control over what ads are served by the ad-serving provider. Bush Cooking does not sell direct advertising to recipes without the permission of the recipe contributor.

Advertising Option 1 – Free

When providing a recipe, a brand name can be provided as an ingredient, piece of equipment, and/or in the description. There may also be subtle product placement in the photos.

Advertising Option 2 – $15/month

Like Option 1, however, the text includes a link to the actual product or brand. The specific link is provided by the contributor or brand. This applied to an unlimited number of recipes.

Advertising Option 3 – $150 per month

The advertising spots are those that include the visual advertisement and by default are populated by ad-serving. These may be bought out to guarantee that only your brand is associated with your recipe. This is a fixed cost and is not linked to the performance of the recipe, if the recipe goes viral or has consistently high views and interaction, the price remains the same.

The $150 option requires the advertiser to provide the imagery for these advertisements and the exact website URL link they would like them to be directed to. These are applied to the 30 best performing recipes.

Advertising Option 4 – Affiliate

For discussions on Bush Cooking linking into existing affiliate marketing programs, please contact Bush Cooking directly via the contact page or at

Advertising Option 5 – Custom Packages

Custom packages include a wide range of services including but not limited to recipe development, photography, larger recipe portfolio packages, and similar. Please contact Bush Cooking directly via the contact page or at