Boomas Bromage

Backyard BBQ, Competition BBQ, Food Lover

After diving headfirst into a barbecue with the purchase of a custom offset smoker many years ago, Booma has slowly worked around many different forms of pits, taking the time to learn fire control first and then all the ins and outs of each style and form.

As much as he loves the long cooks, He also loves to grill!! Most weekly meals are done like this as he explores different flavors and techniques such as Asian and Mexican influences.

Besides all the above, he loves sharing and helping everyone, with the knowledge he has learned firsthand, as well as passing on all the tips and tricks to make this art of barbecue fun and easy class.

About Boomas Bromage


Booma Bromage




Melbourne, Australia


Booma's BBQ


Pitmaster, Fire Protection

Member of

SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) | ABA (Australasia Barbecue Association) | KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society)


ABA BBQ Personality of the Year 2018
NBBQA BBQ Photography Awards of Excellence 2018

Stuffed Squid

Barbecued Stuffed Squid is packed with basil and tomato rice, chorizo, and red capsicum. It is drizzled with honey and…

by Boomas Bromage