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Malcom Reed

The Man Behind 'How to BBQ Right'

Malcom Reed started competing in barbecue competitions in 2002, from here his barbecue hobby turned into a full-blown addiction. Along with his wife, Rachelle, in 2007 he started his website

In addition to the website, Malcom also has a YouTube channel and podcast, they are perfect platforms to share new recipes and promote the BBQ lifestyle. Malcom’s focus is “How to BBQ Right – The online resource for Serious BBQ.”

Malcom still competes on the BBQ circuit as Killer Hogs, from which he has also developed a line of Killer Hogs BBQ Rubs and Sauces.

With all his success in both social media and product development, his main goal is to constantly learn new things about barbecue. In his words, “it’s all about cooking delicious food and taking pride in everything we cook.”

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Malcom Reed




Hernando, Mississippi


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