Brad Leighninger

Founder, Competition Pitmaster, and Executive Chef of Gettin' Basted

After starting competitive barbecue in 2012 Brad has had a string of successes from the American Royal and Jack Daniels, to Memphis in May to King of the Smoker, these combing to be 3 times KCBS team of the year (2021, 2020, & 2018).

Transitioning into the commercial side of barbecue initially with a food truck, today he has the extraordinarily popular brink and mortar venues of Getting Basted BBQ Restaurant, Downing Street Pour House, and Knotty Catering Co. to keep him busy.

Brad shows a love of barbecue and the Ozark styles of cooking (The Ozark is a region in America that includes parts of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma). The Ozark style of BBQ is becoming synonymous with a hot and fast style of cooking that is demonstrated through the regionally popular style of grilling pork butt steaks as just one example.

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Brad Leighninger




Branson, MO


Gettin Basted


Pitmaster | BBQ Entrepreneur

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Blues Hog | Gateway Drum Smokers

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2021 Jack Daniels World Champion | 2021 Memphis in May Pork Shoulder World Champions | 2021, 2020, & 2018 KCBS Team of the Year