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Jackie Freeman is a professional chef with over 20 years experience in the culinary industry. She has been a line cook, cheese maker and farm hand, private chef, caterer, culinary instructor, food stylist, recipe developer and editor, and a radio and video personality. ‚Äč

Her work spans the range of testosterone-fueled restaurant kitchens, exotic (and not-so-exotic) destinations as a private chef, a borderline hippie cheesemaker and farmhand, a somewhere-between-strict-and-funny culinary instructor, a recipe developer with over 900 recipes under her testing belt, a quirky TV and radio personality, a detail-oriented food stylist, and a culinary writer.

More importantly, Jackie cooks every day for her growing (in both number and appetites) family, while managing a freelance career, schlepping kids to-and-from school and activities, and finding a moment or two to go for a run. She brings her unique viewpoint of exacting recipe development skills and professional culinary experience and combines it with just being a regular mom trying to get a healthy, tasty, and somewhat efficient meal on the table before the kids have a meltdown.

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Jackie Freeman




Seattle, WA


Chef Jackie Freeman


Chef | Recipe Developer | Culinary Writer

Areas of Expertise

BBQ - Grilling | Camp Cooking | Beans | Canning | Preserving | Cheese Making

Appeared in

Host of Healthy Kids Cook, numerous appearances on local and national television and radio programs

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