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Recipe for Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars

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Explore Methods to Lay and Light Cooking Fires

Altar Fire

The Altar Fire is a fire built on a structure raising off the ground to avoid surfaces like marshes. Once built the fire burns and is cooked on like normal.

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Reflector Fire

The Reflector Fire design is primarily a fire with a wall to reflect back heat, although mainly used in survival, it is also known for cooking baked goods.

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Indian Star Fire

Indian Star Fires are often associated with the Wild West being the cliche fire in cowboy moves with a pot of beans boiling over it. Good when limited wood.

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Swedish Log Fire

Swedish Log Fire

The Swedish Log Fire comes from the German name ‘Schweden Fackel’. It’s a log carefully cut to allow oxygen in, thus becoming a self sustaining cooking fire

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Chocolate Orange Cake

The Orange Cake is Conquered

How can youth across the world proclaim to be cooking and enjoying these orange cakes , yet I couldn’t get it to work! My Chocolate Orange Cake journey to perfection.

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Campfire Scones Video

An easy way to learn how to use a Dutch oven and have a tasty treat, our Campfire Scones Video is a collaboration between Bush Cooking and Allrecipes.

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Smoked Camembert Cheese

Smoked Camembert Cheese Video

Lightly smoked and topped with spicy capsicum or tomato relish, our Smoked Camembert Cheese Video is a collaboration between Bush Cooking and Allrecipes.

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