Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars

Australian footballing legend Robert “The Big Dipper” Dipierdomenico hosts an all new Australian BBQ show featuring 4 of the country’s hottest and exciting BBQers every Sunday morning on 7mate starting April 21st. Each week Dipper and the boys will demonstrate the ease of cooking the perfect BBQ for family and friends in some iconic locations. Bring on the competition!!

Throughout the show each episode focusses on a different technique from barbecue techniques we often think of like grilling and smoking but also more unexpected ones like frying and poaching. Even making up new techniques as they go like fry no fry…

The shows also cover a wide variety of meats such as home stables like lamb chops, chicken and prawns, but also includes a few more unusal protiens like kangaroo, pork belly and beef ribs.

Every recipe from Dippers Backyard BBQ Wars is hosted here so you too can make them at home or on your next camping trip.

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Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars Recipes