Portrait Photo of Saffron Hodgson cooking on a Camp Stove with a campfire in the background

Saffron Hodgson

Lover of Everything Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking has been Saffron’s passion since she was young, often choosing to go camping and cook hearty meals over fire rather than stay inside, watch TV, and eat take-out. Today she is the driving force of Bush Cooking bringing the skills of cooking outdoors to thousands of people.

Saffron’s skills were sharpened through competitive outdoor cooking which covered a range of disciplines including Dutch Oven (IDOS), barbecue (KCBS, ABA, & PNWBA), steak (SCA), and chuckwagon (ACWA).

With multiple grand championships in competitive cooking, she received invitations to world championships in barbecue, Dutch oven, and the World Food Championship where she achieved top 10 category finishes in each.

These days Saffron is semi-retired from competitions, returning to more camp cooking and experiencing other’s food while building the Bush Cooking brand.

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Saffron Hodgson




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Outdoor Cooking Evangelist

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