Tim Scheer

The Tallest Man in BBQ

Recognized as one of the most successful competitors in BBQ, Tim Sheer has a long list of accomplishments in the competitive world. This is paired up with three successful businesses that are taking his competitive knowledge to the backyard cook.

Born and raised on a hog farm in New Haven, Missouri, where he still lives with his wife, Terri, and three beautiful daughters. Tim started competing in BBQ competitions at the age of 26 and started winning!

In 2014 Tim developed and patented the Gateway Drum Smoker which has been his reliable and very successful ‘hot and fast’ style BBQ. Now becoming a choice of champions across the world.
In 2015, Tim bought the rights to Blues Hog original barbecue sauce from Bill Arnold. This popular barbecue range is popular with competitors and home cooks alike, including a wide range of sauces, rubs, and marinades.
More recently in 2020 with a return to his farming roots, Tim has started the Marble Ridge brand that brings premium meat products to the community including top-of-the-range Wagu beef.

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Tim Scheer




New Haven, Missouri


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