Beef brisket being prepared for a stew

Beef Recipe Ideas

Beef is one of the more popular meats in Western cultures being the foundation of many of their most popular dishes such as burgers, chili, and barbecue.

Beef can be broken down into two main cooking types for the outdoors. The first being hot and fast which includes the various forms of grilling and frying. These meats can be cooked rare while being moist and tender. Examples include rib eye, tenderloin, and porterhouse. The second is low and slow cuts. These beef cuts have more connective tissue meaning they need to be cooked longer and to higher temperatures to create a tenter result. Examples include brisket, shoulder, and beef cheek. There are a few cuts that sit on the borderline of this like skirt steak and tri-tip, they can be cooked to medium but need a few extra considerations to get a tooth-friendly result like marinating, injecting, or slicing very thinly against the grain.

There are a wide range of traditional beef recipes for the outdoors including barbecue beef brisket, chili, beef bourguignon, beef stroganoff, beef Wellington, and beef and broccoli stir fry.

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