Gary Vander Giessen

Gary learned to cook at a young age. As a child of five years old he was fascinated with all things food: from tortillas to Prime rib.

He learned a lot of his culinary skills from watching cooking programs on television, like Graham Kerr and Julia Child. His father also enjoyed being in the kitchen and could whip up a meal in thirty minutes.

Gary’s father, an avid fisherman, would take Gary to Camano Island, in Washington State, for a yearly fishing trip. There they watched the local tribe, the Nooksacks, smoke and dry their fish for the year. This was Gary’s first introduction to smoking food.

In 2009, Gary joined the Pacific Northwest Barbeque Association and became a certified BBQ judge. Spending time with people with the same shared interests, Gary decided to open a BBQ supply business, and Gary’s Barbecue Supplies was born!

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Gary Vander Giessen

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