Deb Basquez

Deb Basquez

Dutch Oven Cooking Competitor and Demonstrator

Dutch Oven outdoor camp cooking has been part of my life for the past 15 years. I love the versatility of the black pots. I am forever pushing the boundaries on what you can cook in them.

I grew up in a small Oregon town and learned at a young age how to use cast iron cookware. My family always did a lot of primitive camping trips when I was young. We would cook our meals out over the open fire in our cast iron cookware. Although I wasn’t introduced to Dutch Oven (camp oven) style cooking until the past 15 years or so, our camp meals are now primarily prepared this way. I enjoy fishing and camping to this day.

I have only recently become involved in Dutch Oven cook-off competitions. These are avenues to showcase my cooking skills and dishes on a competition level. I have a lot of fun doing these cook-offs and meeting so many wonderful people in the process.

I also am a Dutch Oven cooking demonstrator at local Sportsmen’s Shows and within our local dutch oven society. I enjoy talking to people and opening up a whole new style of camp cooking to them.

I have an extensive collection of cast iron cookware from small skillets to large camp ovens and all things in between.

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