Bacon sizzling on a hotplate

Bacon Recipe Ideas

Bacon has been described as the duct tape of outdoor cooking. It is a versatile ingredient that protects foods from the sometimes harshness of live fire with its fat and moisture. It’s saltiness also adds a lot of flavor.

Bacon is popular both as an ingredient inside a dish, such as bacon and egg pies, but also on the outside for wrapping. It is not only one thing either, there are a lot of varieties to choose from such as the thickness of the cut to the smokiness of the preparation. There is also the English style bacon that has the eye and the American style bacon that is often thinner and fatter.

Some popular recipe options include bacon jam, carbonara, bacon quiche, pies, and pretty much bacon-wrapped anything. It is frequently seen on grilled items due to the fat it contains becoming almost like a self-basting component. It also often the first ingredient in Dutch oven as the fat that renders out is then used to fry other ingredients or used as the base of a roux for thickening.

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