How We Make Money

A website costs money to run from the design and hosting to maintenance and editing. To do this Bush Cooking uses four primary methods to raise funds.

Donations and Contributions

Using Bush Cooking is free, but individuals or businesses may choose to contribute to the page by one-off donations or monthly contributions as a patron.

These contributions are particularly important to keep down the number of advertisements getting in the way of each recipe and keep the current high-quality focus on quick access recipes.

Direct Marketing

Referred to on the recipes as ‘sponsored’, brands or contributors may choose to buy out all the advertising spots and links on their recipes to gain control and exclusive marketing. This is desired so competitors’ advertisements don’t appear on their recipes.

Explore hosting and advertising directly on Bush cooking.

See sponsored recipes.

Affiliate Marketing

These are advertisements or links on a recipe that link to a brand’s product where you can purchase it. If you make the purchase, then the brand gives a Commission to Bush Cooking. For this to work often cookies are used.

See the affiliate brands.


These are the advertisements that can be seen through the website and are managed by a third party. Bush cooking receives money from these being based on a variety of metrics but can include cost per view/impression (CPM) or cost per click (CPC).

Bush Cooking has little control over these with only a few exclusions allowed, for example, blocked are adult-targeted and fad diets.

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