Pat Maddock

Living the Dream with Food, Friends and Competition

Pat Maddock brings his passion for food together on a barbecue.

The pitmaster for his husband and wife team of Maddog BBQ, together they travel around the Pacific Northwest competing at a variety of competitions.

Passionate to develop the friendships and future of barbecue, Pat is also currently the vice president of the Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association.

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Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy

This Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy includes the full instructions for cornmeal crumbling and making the Remoulade sauce. Crispy-crusted shrimp is tucked…

by Pat Maddock

Pizza Mini Meatloaf

A quirky combination of pizza and meatloaf, this unique pizza mini meatloaf is a unique lunch option. Small meatloaves are…

by Pat Maddock

Glazed Apple Fritters

Fresh apples are hand-battered before being deep-fried to create these tempting glazed apple fritters. Not to be confused with apple…

by Pat Maddock