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Whether it be grilling, smoking or roasting I’m going to show you the basics up to the advanced tips and tricks.

After years of cooking on BBQs purely to feed family and friends, I was known as the guy you passed your tongs to if I turned up to a BBQ.

I spent a couple of years on the Australian Competition circuit competing in ABA, KCBS, and SCA events. Plus, writing and starring in my own TV showed that aired on Australian TV called Dippers Backyard BBQ wars.

In 2019 I decided to start up a YouTube channel based solely on cooking on Weber grills. A passion of mine as I’m a collector of them. I

In 2020 I delved into my YouTube channel full-time and haven’t looked back since. I also create content for other clients and help build their online social media and YouTube channels. Add to that an ever-growing community on my Facebook page filled with like-minded people who just want to learn how to cook better and share their own tips and tricks.

My main aim with my channel is to focus on teaching people not to give up, it really isn’t that hard and although there is a lot of miss information out there, you can filter through it and start cooking outside for your family and friends.

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