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Dean is a Weber Kettle collector making amazing food and sharing his skills with the world through his quickly growing YouTube channel, Scheueys BBQ. He loves trying new things as he perfects the art of barbecue (on Weber’s).

Dean has always loved cooking. Barbecue is just one style he likes, although it seems to have taken over his life at the moment. He spent a few years competing on the Australian circuit in competition barbecue (smoking).

Dean starred in the first season of Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars on Australian TV. He enjoyed seeing his vision of this tv show becoming a reality.

In 2019 Dean started his own YouTube Channel called Scheueys BBQ. It is a mixture of tips and tricks with good Aussie humour. Since then it has built up a great following and the support from everyone is incredible. The slogan of the channel is to “Master Your Grill”, too many people try their hand at BBQ and quit after one attempt, this channel’s goal is to inspire people to drag out their BBQs and give it another go.

I grew up next to the ocean, in a place called Mordialloc (moore – dee – al – eek). I use to fish nearly every day. So cooking seafood is big at my place. I’d happily eat it everyday. In saying that though, I tend to cook a lot of the more traditional meals, roasts, wings, steaks, burgers, etc on a daily basis. I’m always thinking of new recipes and tell family and friends to pop over for another taste testing.

I am also a qualified photographer, I do love mixing both photography and cooking. My family tends to be like racehorses waiting to bolt out of the gate after I cook. They know once the camera goes down, it’s time to dig in. At the end of the day, I enjoy cooking for my family and close friends, it’s such a social thing to do.

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