Justin Gradon

From Building Pits to Cooking on Spits

Like most of us at home Justin started his venture into BBQ on a Weber Kettle then slowly grew the collection to all sorts of different smokers including building his very own custom-built reverse flow stick burner.

As much as Justin loves competition BBQ he says there’s nothing better than cooking for your loved ones at home.

His favorite mid-week meal to cook is a reverse seared steak accompanied with some fresh sides to cut through the richness of the steak, however, when time permits he can’t go past a nice rack of pork ribs Hot’n’Fast in the drum smoker.

Through his many adventures in bbq he finds it extremely rewarding in sharing his knowledge of all things bbq with others who are keen to give this style off cooking a red hot go both at home and in the competition circuit, seeing these people expanding on their knowledge and putting it into practice with great success is the most rewarding part of it all and you make some great friends along the journey.

About Justin Gradon


Justin Gradon




Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Cabinet Maker | Entrepreneur

Areas of Expertise

Member of

SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) ABA (Australasia Barbecue Association) KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society)

Appeared in

Dippers Backyard BBQ Wars


As part of BBQ Team 'Smokeface Grillahs' 2018 Team of the Year, 2018 ABA Barbeques Galore Series - Reserve Grand Champions, 2018 Kingsford Invitational Grand Champions 2018 BBQ Wars Grand Champions