Salmon smoking splayed around a fire

Salmon Recipes for the Outdoors

Salmon is a popular fish and as such, it makes sense it is also popular in outdoor cooking whether fresh, cured, smoked, or canned.

Salmon is a common name given to a variety of spices but all with similar appearances and characteristics. The main varieties that are commonly caught and eaten are Altlantic salmon, coho, chinook, chum, pink, sockeye, and mass. Each of these varies in size and slightly in flavor.

There are many traditional methods of outdoors cooking that are still done today or variants that have made it into the regular family BBQ such as plank cooked salmon and foil wrapping then putting in the coals. Other common preparations include frying, poaching, and curing. Smoked salmon and a variation known as lox are very popular and significantly extend the shelf life of the fish. The canning of salmon also means it appears in a lot of stews and casseroles, as well as patties, burgers, and cakes.