Two fried pieces of beer battered fish lay on paper towels next to a slotted spoon.

Fish Recipe Ideas

Fish is a popular food source and the primary element in a lot of culture’s menus. Whether caught in a river, lake, or the ocean each fish brings its own unique flavor to a meal.

There are a few popular recipes in the outdoors which include grilled fish, plank smoked, and an ingredient in a soup, stew, or chowder making it perfect to cook in a pot over a gas stove or campfire.

Firm or oily fish are much better suited to grilling as they hold together and can handle the movement and turning. Softer and more delicate fish may be better pan-fried or smoked on a plank.

Our Best Fish Recipes

Newest Fish Recipes

Banana Leaf Salmon

Small bites of salmon are marinated in a spicy-sweet-salty sauce, wrapped in banana leaves, grilled, and served alongside coconut rice.…

by Harry Soo

Walleye Fish Tacos

Walleye fish tacos are beer-battered and deep-fried, then topped with fresh veggies then a creamy mayonnaise and sour cream sauce.…

by Jason Bauer