Salad Ideas

Salads are a great accompaniment to any meal whether cooked on a grill, in a smoker, or even in a Dutch oven. The light freshness is a healthy and tasty companion.

If on a picnic or enjoying your back yard they can be easily made ahead then add the dressing just before serving. They are also easy to make while camping with no cooking required.

If you want the salad to be the whole meal make sure there is enough protein this can easily be done with the addition of meat, however, can also be done with the use of cheese, beans, nuts, or some grains.

Our Best Salad Recipes

Newest Salad Recipes

Bloody Mary Salad

Perfect as a side at your next barbecue, this Bloody Mary Salad features cucumber, tomato, and onion. But the real…

by BBQ Ninja

Radish Slaw

Containing many of the same elements as a traditional slaw this version’s spin is the use of slices of radish…

by Dean Schumann

Beetroot Salad

Beets are an underutilized vegetable. This is a great winter salad that showcases this ingredient in a rich combination of…

by Saffron Hodgson