Close up of corned beef stew simmering in a stainless pot.

Stewed Recipe Ideas

Stewed recipes are those which are cooked at a simmer but are creating a single dish with a broth or sauce and the meant and/or vegetables within. It is cooked with a single heat source below compared to a casserole which is cooked in an oven.

Although a recipe uses the stewing method, it doesn’t;t mean that it will be called a stew. Chili, sloppy joes, bourguignon, curries, and stroganoff are all stewed.

When an item is being stewed, this is done at a gentle simmer, not at a boil. Boiling is more for soups which also have a lot more liquid than that found when stewing.

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Red Bean Ham Stew

Smokey and aromatic, dried red beans and ham hocks are slowly smoked for many hours in this rich stew. Topped…

by Harry Soo