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Tomato Recipe Ideas

Tomato is a very versatile ingredient that is the foundation of many outdoor recipes such as sauces and casseroles. It is very acidic so care must be taken when used with cast iron.

Tomato is a rich fruit high in umami which can be eaten raw and cooked. There are multiple forms apart from fresh that tomatoes come in making them a robust ingredient ideal for the outdoors and camping. There is a range of canned tomatoes including whole, diced, sauce, paste, and various flavors. There are also sundried tomatoes, dried tomatoes, and freeze-dried. There is also powdered tomato which is also found in powdered soups.

Cliche dishes that are reliant on tomatoes include pasta sauces, pizza, caprese salad, chili, and salsas. Don’t forget tomato sauce and tomato ketchup.

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