Campfire Recipe Ideas

When you think of outdoor cooking the first thing that comes to mind is the campfire! Perhaps then s’mores or pie irons?

There are so many things that you can cook on or in a campfire, in the end, it all comes down to fire control. Tight blue flames for boiling red solid coals for cooking in.

This is a unique collection of recipes that are specifically designed to cook in a campfire. Controlling your fire well means that you can then cook anything in it that needs that particular temperature control like boiling or baking.

Our Best Campfire Recipes

Newest Campfire Recipes

Chorizo Egg Tacos

Chorizo egg tacos are a fantastic breakfast or brunch option, offering a satisfying and protein-packed meal to kick-start your day.…

by Joey Machado

Campfire Hot Dog

Three ingredients go into making this tasty campfire hot dog including the fresh bread crust. It is both a meal…

by Dan Hodgson

Camping Hot Dog Taco

Combining two fast-food favorites, hot dogs and tacos, meet the camping and budget-friendly hot dog taco. It is almost embarrassingly…

by Scott Stevens