Two vanilla cookie smores, one stacked upon the other on a green napkin.

Smore Recipe Ideas

Smores (or S’mores, short for some-more) are an American campfire treat that traditionally is a toasted marshmallow sandwiched between two Graeme crackers with a slice of chocolate.

Over the years variations have started to include a variety of substitutes for each of the ingredients such as instead of the cracker using fruit, cake, or alternative biscuits.

These variations have spread to include any dessert that includes marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies. These vary from drinks to pies.


Newest Smore

Smore Mocktail

Bring a bit of class to your campfire with a smore mocktail. This fun drink includes a toasted marshmallow on…

by Dan Hodgson

Cracker Smore

A little more savory, these smores use a salty cracker rather than a sweet option. Instead of the traditional piece…

by Dan Hodgson

Pretzel Smore

Love smores, but they’re too dull for you? Then this is a new pretzel version worth considering! With a new…

by Dan Hodgson

Easy Smores Slice

This is definitely a sweet treat that is loved by adults and kids alike. The slice is effectively a Rice…

by Ash Hodgson

Cherry Smore

A great new flavor of s’mores with the addition of one simple ingredient that makes all the difference – cherry,…

by Ash Hodgson