A close up of a roasted leg of lamb resting on roasted pumpkin and potatoes.

Roast Recipe Ideas

Roasting is the process of cooking meat or vegetables in a hot oven space allowing them to brown. There is also a variation in a pot or Dutch oven where the roast is enclosed and in liquid, in this case, the meat must be browned before the full cook.

Roasts typically are large joints of meat like leg of lamb, beef roast from the bottom round, or roast pork ham. While birds also are a popular roast including chicken, duck, turkey, and pheasant.

The meat may be cooked to your preferred doneness. There are in modern types a lot of medium-rare roasts if using a cut that can be eaten this way, traditionally it was more cooked all the way through. They may also be cooked to a high temperature which will break down all the connective tissues to allow them to be very tender and pull apart, this works particularly well on shoulder roasts.

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