Sausages cooking on a live fire grill

Sausage Recipes for the Outdoors

Sausages are a wonderful meat preparation and there are almost infinite combinations of flavors. They are a perfect option for a barbecue, Dutch oven stew, and so much more when cooking outdoors.

Sausages can be of many styles, the more common ones are fresh sausage such as chorizo which isn't in a casing but more like seasoned ground meat. Normal sausage like a normal flavored sausage you may fry or grill on a BBQ. Emulsified sausage, this is very finely proceeded before stuffing like a hot dog or fritz/bologna. Finally most common is dried sausages such as those that are stable at room temperature that can be used while hiking.

Once you have selected your sausage there are a range of recipes that it can be used as an ingredient with including curried sausages, jambalaya, paella, sausage on pizza, breakfast hash, and of course the quintessential bangers and mash.