Sausages cooking on a live fire grill

Sausage Recipe Ideas

Sausages are a wonderful meat preparation and there are almost infinite combinations of flavors. They are a perfect option for a barbecue, Dutch oven stew, and so much more when cooking outdoors.

Sausages can be of many styles, the more common ones are fresh sausage such as chorizo which isn’t in a casing but more like seasoned ground meat. Normal sausage like a normal flavored sausage you may fry or grill on a BBQ. Emulsified sausage, this is very finely proceeded before stuffing like a hot dog or fritz/bologna. Finally most common is dried sausages such as those that are stable at room temperature that can be used while hiking.

Once you have selected your sausage there are a range of recipes that it can be used as an ingredient with including curried sausages, jambalaya, paella, sausage on pizza, breakfast hash, and of course the quintessential bangers and mash.

Our Best Sausage Recipes

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