A cheese platter

Cheese Recipes for the Outdoors

There is a wide range of cheese available to use in recipes. Each has a unique set of characteristics making it ideal for the recipe it is used in.

Cheese is divided into five groups based on hardness (moisture content). Soft Cheese is wet and includes cream cheese and Brie. Semi-Soft Cheese includes Havarti and Munster. Medium-Hard Cheese includes popular eating cheese like Gouda, Edam, and Jarlsberg. Semi-Hard Cheese is where the most used cheese of cheddar lives along with Cheshire and Gloucester. Hard Cheese includes popular cooking cheeses such as parmesan. After this there are varieties based on milk source such as cow, goat, and sheep.

There are a variety of cheese recipes that are tightly linked to cheese such as fondue, mac and cheese, queso flameado, cheesecake, cauliflower cheese, and raclette.