Two baked bacon, tomato, and arugula pizzas on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Pizza Recipe Ideas

Pizza is a big favorite and luckily there are lots of different ways that you can cook it outdoors!

Traditional pizza is cooked in a specific wood-burning style pizza oven similar to an old bread oven, these are now replicated in miniature as a specific pizza oven or attachment to some styles of barbecue. They can also be successfully made in a Dutch oven,  a camp oven, and even variations in a campfire’s coals.

Whether you believe in pineapple being on pizza or not, there is sure to be a style and recipe topping in this collection that will work for your next outdoor adventure.

Our Best Pizza Recipes

Newest Pizza


Everything you love about the traditional BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich, but in pizza form. This BBQ BLT Pizza…

by Ash Hodgson

Pizza Mini Meatloaf

A quirky combination of pizza and meatloaf, this unique pizza mini meatloaf is a unique lunch option. Small meatloaves are…

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