A pile of Red Bell Peppers

Pepper Recipes for the Outdoors

Peppers are a great option for outdoor cooking providing great flavor, color, and texture elements. These characteristics have made it popular in multiple cuisines around the world.

The most popular style of pepper is the bell pepper, or as it is known in many places around the world capsicum. These are large and have a lot of flavors that can be eaten raw or cooked. The rest of the peppers lean into the chili pepper range which is extensive and includes popular options like Jalapeno, poblano, Thai, scotch bonnet, and serrano.

In outdoor cooking often the pepper is used to hold a stuffing as it protects the contents from the harsh heat of the fire, the most known of these are the stuffed ball pepper and poppers. Many cuisines rely heavily on the bell pepper including cajun which includes bell pepper it the trilogy foundation of many of their popular dishes of onions, celery, and bell pepper. Peppers are also popular in Mexican food especially a wide range of chilies which are used. Chilies are also incredibly popular in many out east Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia which are famous for their spicy dishes created with chili.