Pie Recipe Ideas

Pies in their truest sense have a pastry base and a pastry top, however recently naming conventions have smudged a little to include tarts, quiches, and even at times pizza.

Pies are a practical option for the outdoors often being able to be eaten by hand and avoiding dishes. Pie Irons offer a novel way to cook pies over the campfire.

Options include savory such as meat pies, chicken pies, and bacon pies. Dessert options include apple pie, berry pies, and cream pies.

Our Best Pie Recipes

Newest Pie

Camping Apple Tart

Based on traditional rustic tarts this Camping Apple Tart has minimal ingredients, equipment, and hassle making it a perfect camping…

by Saffron Hodgson

Hot Dog Tart

This hot dog tart is a wonderful example of taking simple ingredients and creating a spectacular presentation. You can serve…

by Dan Hodgson

Camping Meat Pie

The camping meat pie is cooked over a campfire in a pie iron. This traditional cooking method produces wonderful outdoor…

by Ash Hodgson

Apple Crostata

Crostata is an Italian-style tart, this version has hazelnuts in the crust and is filled with apples to create a…

by Richard Jones