Pile of cooked pork ribs

Rib Recipes for the Outdoors

Ribs are a popular cut of meat in barbecuing with them frequently being smoked, but also occasionally grilled, braised and boiled. Pork, beef, and chicken ribs are very popular in outdoor cooking.

Although ribs seem a pretty easy concept there are a number of variances for each animal. Pork ribs may be baby-back, side ribs, or St Louis cut, each with variances that impact cooking. Beef ribs have back ribs and short ribs but recently are also including the tomahawk cut which is the rib bone with the rib-eye still attached.

In southern American cuisine ribs are almost always smoked, however in other parts of America and the world it is not unusual to see them grilled, baked, or even boiled. In Asian cuisine, it is more common for them to be braised or boiled. Note: please don't even boil ribs in just water, the results are not good.