Fresh ripe bananas next to over ripe soft bananas perfect for baking

Banana Recipe Ideas

Bananas turn up in a lot of outdoor cooking recipes which in some ways is weird as they are a rather delicate fruit that is easily bruised and has a short lifespan, however, they also have some wonderful nutritional elements like vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, and copper.

It isn’t necessary to bring them fresh with great dried and freeze-dried options available also. Alternatively, they can be baked into bread, cakes, and muffins to take with you. Remember the overripe dark and black bananas are better for baking and have more flavor than the yellow fresh ones which are ideal for eating.

Although banana bread and banana cake are definitely the most popular ways to cook bananas there are other fun options also like flambe bananas, banana pudding, and banana pancakes. Let us not forget the bananas cooked in the coals with chocolate and marshmallows which is a children’s favorite all over the world.

Our Best Banana Recipes

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Perfect as a snack, dehydrated bananas are both an easy thing to make and enjoyable to eat. It is best…

by Ash Hodgson