Looking straight down on the beef stew with the carrots and peas giving pops of color in the otherwise brown stew.

Stew Recipe Ideas

Stew is both a cooking method and a style of dish. Although some stews come under other names such as chili, curry, and soups.

When cooking outdoors whether over a gas stove or campfire a stew allows a safe method with the food being boiled in a liquid reducing the chance of burning and using fewer pots with stews being a one-pot meal.

So versatile are stews that they can be found in every culture being cooked in pots and pans, to Dutch ovens, bean pot, potjie, and tanjine.

Our Best Stew Recipes

Newest Stew

Red Bean Ham Stew

Smokey and aromatic, dried red beans and ham hocks are slowly smoked for many hours in this rich stew. Topped…

by Harry Soo