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When camping we all love a candy sweet-treat for all those extra calories being using up. Marshmallows are the easy go-to but there is a range of other candy, lollies, and chocolate bars that turn-up in recipes also.
S’mores are an ultimate around the campfire treat in the evening but defiantly bring their share of sugar. Gone are the days of the same combination as we move into a range of other options adding new ingredients and upscaling the traditional chocolate and graham crackers. Now you can find fresh fruit, pretzels, and cookies.
Marshmallows also sneak into some savory dishes, which the American Southern classic sweet potato casserole and its topping of toasted marshmallows.</P.

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Smore Mocktail

Bring a bit of class to your campfire with a smore mocktail. This fun drink includes a toasted marshmallow on…

by Dan Hodgson

Sweet Potato Casserole

Although traditionally associated with Thanksgiving and Southern American BBQ restaurants this sweet potato casserole makes a wonderful side dish while…

by Saffron Hodgson

Cracker Smore

A little more savory, these smores use a salty cracker rather than a sweet option. Instead of the traditional piece…

by Dan Hodgson