Safforn Hodgson Sitting in front of a kayak and hike tent cooking on a lightweight gas cooker

Recipe Ideas for Hiking and Trekking

Planning food and cooking for hiking and trekking takes a little bit more planning as the volume and weight need to be considered in the planning stage along with a little bit more thought on nutrition levels.

Generally, the foods tend to be higher in protein and fibre to help meet the bodies needs and make you feel fuller. They are dried or lightweight so they can easily be carried.

Popular elements include dehydrated, needing no chilling, and one-pot meals that can easily be cooked over a lightweight single burner set-up.

Some hikes there are campfire options, and kayaking trips give more space so these other recipe collections may also be useful...

Dehydrated | No-Cook | Snacks | One-Pot Meals | Picnic