Slices of fresh banana are lined up on a dehydrator rack.


A dehydrator is a great piece of equipment for preparing food to eat outdoors by removing the moisture and as such preserving it.

Common items to dry include fruits and meats to make snacks such as fruit leather and jerky.

For those who do overlight trekking then full dehydrated meals can save a lot of weight. They can be cooked then dehydrated or dehydrated then the individual ingredients combined to make a meal.

Dehydrated Banana

Perfect as a snack, dehydrated bananas are both an easy thing to make and enjoyable to eat. It is best…

by Ash Hodgson

Apple Chips

Homemade apple chips are a great snack for hiking, trekking, and lightweight camping. The apple chip is also a perfect…

by Ash Hodgson