Closed Grill Recipe Ideas

A closed grill can create a wide range of recipes similar to those cooked in an oven that would otherwise not be possible.

This includes many of the modern gas grills where the lids close about also traditional kettle-style grills using charcoal.

Being able to roast and bake adds a wide range of recipe options to your outdoor cooking adventures.


Our Best Closed Grill Recipes

Newest Closed Grill Recipes

London Broil Roast

A whole meal, with meat, veggies, and fresh herbs, cooks together in a London Broil Roast. Flavorful London broil is…

by Tim Scheer

Peach Bourbon Beans

Sweet peaches, smoky bacon, and spicy jalapeƱos are mixed together with baked beans in Peach Bourbon Beans. The ultimate side…

by BBQ Tourist