Dutch Oven Baking Ideas

Baking outdoors is easy when using a Dutch oven. With the simple addition of coals above and below a perfect environment can be created for baking.

The biggest trick is not to forget to preheat the Dutch oven in just the same way as you preheat your oven at home. If you don’t it is more likely to stick and the chemistry is messed up and the rise likely to fail.

Any baking can be done in a Dutch oven including cakes, pies, and bread. The harder part is managing a bread rise outdoors when using yeast or sourdough.

Our Best Dutch Oven Baking Recipes

Newest Dutch Oven Baking Recipes

Dutch Oven Beer Bread

Beloved of outdoor bakers everywhere, beer bread is moist, nicely dense, and chewy. It is perfect for toast and sandwiches.…

by Ash Hodgson