A roasted beef shank sits in a white oval casserole dish, surrounded by cooked potatoes, carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

Casserole Recipe Ideas

Casseroles are meals that are cooked in a closed pot. Outdoors this is best done in a Dutch oven but other options include casserole dishes, tangine, and potjie pots.

A casserole may be cooked in two main ways, the first has the meat and some of the vegetables such as the onion browned then added to the pot in a braise style. The second is sometimes referred to as a dump casserole where everything is simply added to the pot and cooked.

Popular casseroles are mac and cheese, tuna casserole, shepherd’s pie, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole but there are so many to choose from it would be difficult to list them all.

Our Best Casserole Recipes

Newest Casserole Recipes

Beef Shank Casserole

A one-pot meal, Beef Shank Casserole, is a savory and comforting mixture of beef shank, root vegetables, and fresh herbs.…

by Tim Scheer

Pork Tagine

The joys of sweet and savory, crunchy and soft all come together in this soup-type stew of Pork Tangine. On…

by Tiffany Haugen