Areal view of 4 side dishes - mac and cheese salad, vegetables and mashed potato

Side Dish Recipes for the Outdoors

Side dishes are the difference between a good meal and a great meal. Sometimes the side can be as much work as the main dish!

There are four main types of side dish the most common being vegetables, these include recipes like cauliflower cheese, potato bake, and green bean casserole. Rice is a popular side dish in many cuisines with most having popular rice sides like fried rice, nasi goreng, or pialu. Pasta is also a side of a foundation, most notably mac and cheese and pasta salads. Salads, in general, are also a popular side.

There is a weird cross-over of side dishes also with many when served in larger quantities being a main, or even sometimes something served traditionally as a main can be a side dish like risotto, jambalaya, and baked beans.