Multiple mini pizza crackers on a chopping board laid out to serve.

Finger Food Recipe Ideas

Finger food is a very social activity especially as everyone gets to mingle outdoors while eating tasty small portions of food. Using fingers means fewer dishes too.

The barbecue produces a wide range of popular finger foods such as chicken wings, burnt ends, meatballs,  and poppers. Other popular options include deviled eggs, dips, mini pie, and meatballs.

Finger foods are small bite-sized pieces of food not to be confused with hand food which is more the whole meal that can be held to eat.

Our Best Finger Food Recipe Ideas

Curried Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are mixed with a savory blend of their yolk, curry powder, and mayonnaise in this…

by Tom Brewer

Newest Finger Food

Grilled Shrimp Boats

A quick and easy appetizer, grilled shrimp are dusted with rub and served in Belgian endive leaves with a bit…

by Harry Soo

Bacon Pig Candy

Pig candy is a popular preparation of bacon or similar thinly cut cured meats whereby it is seasoned and coated…

by Harry Soo

Fried Calamari Rings

Crisp, tender, and golden brown, Fried Calamari Rings are an easy appetizer that everyone will love. Buttermilk helps to tenderize…

by Ash Hodgson

Grilled Coconut Shrimp

Grilled Coconut Shrimp is served with a sweet mustard dipping sauce, in this classic appetizer. Crunchy, tender, sweet, and savory,…

by Janice Smella