Beans in jars ready to be cooked

Bean Recipes for the Outdoors

Beans are a great ingredient for the outdoors being one of the higher non-meat based protein sources. For the definition of this recipe collection it is along the lines of legumes and not vegetable and as such doesn't include green beans and similar.

With over 40,000 types of beans there is sure to be one you like, admittedly only a small portion of these are massed produced, more popular beans include broad beans (fava beans), lima beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), and soybeans. Technically peanuts are also a beans.

Most commonly beans are used whole as an ingredient in dishes such as baked beans, pit beans, chili con carne, and beans and rice. They can also be mushed and used as a paste such as in refried beans, falafel, red bean desserts, and hummus. There are also bean flours like besan which are used in making batters such as pakoras and bread such as papadums.