A single tomahawk steak with dark char marks is cooking on a small grill.

Reverse Sear Recipe Ideas

Reverse searing is the process of slowly bringing a piece of meat or fish slowly up to an almost finished temperature then searing to finish and serve. This is opposite to the normal process where the meat is seared and then slowly brought up to the preferred internal temperature and doness.

Typically this is done on a smoker or the cool side of a two-zone grill. The seared on a separate grill or the hots side if using a two-zone set-up. The slow cook aspect however can also be done in an oven, camp oven, or sous-vide unit (water bath).

The technique is ideal for thicker cuts of meat where it is difficult to cook through if cooking from purely direct contact methods such as grilling or frying would result in a burnt outside before the center is done.

Our Best Reverse Sear Recipes

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