A raw flat iron steak is lowered onto a hot grill with a pair of metal tongs.

Steak Recipe Ideas

When thinking of barbecue one of the first thoughts often is steak. There is something special about the raw combination of meat and fire.

The word steak often leads the mind straight to beef and the popular cust like rib eye, fillet, and rump. There are however many other beef steak cuts including sirloin, porterhouse, NY strip, and T-bone. Beyond this, there are also other meats that provide similar steak cuts like venison, pork, buffalo, and even chicken breasts are now sometimes being served under the names steak. There is also a range of fish steaks, these typically come from the oiler firmer fish like tuna, mackerel, and swordfish.

When it comes to steak recipes there aren’t that many rather the focus is on the cooking methods like reverse sear, sous vide, skillet fry, and similar. There is however a selection of recipes around rubs, marinades, and sauces such as mushroom, Dianne, and pepper.

Our Best Steak Recipes

Newest Steak

Peach Bourbon Beans

Sweet peaches, smoky bacon, and spicy jalapeños are mixed together with baked beans in Peach Bourbon Beans. The ultimate side…

by BBQ Tourist