GrillGrates with shrimp and smoked sausage having just been put on to cook.

Kebab Recipe Ideas

Kebabs are known under a variety of names including kebob and skewers. This collection includes them all.

The definition in this section is items placed on a stick also known as a skewer. It may be meat, vegetable, fruit, or a combination served as a main, finger food, appetizer, or dessert.

Almost all cultures have some variation of kebabs from the Asian-based satays to Middle Eastern Seekh kebabs.

Newest BBQ Grilled Kebab Recipes

Grilled Lemongrass Beef

Ground beef is mixed with galangal, lime leaves, shallots, and other aromatics before being skewered on lemongrass and grilled for…

by Harry Soo

Homemade Beef Satay

Flavorful and tender flank steak is marinated in a homemade curry sauce and then grilled on skewers for this easy…

by Harry Soo

Grilled Beef Kebob

These grilled beef kebobs are as tasty as they are colorful. With only a 10-minute cook time dinner is quick…

by Tim Scheer

Piri Piri Chicken

These scratch-made grilled Piri Piri chicken skewers will add a bit of heat and flavor to your next backyard barbecue…

by Sage Sanchez

Bacon Turkey Skewers

This is a great barbecue grill recipe with bacon wrapping the pieces of turkey to protect them from the heat…

by BBQ Brian

BBQ Pork Skewers

Juicy and tender Pork Skewers are a great way to grill during the summer. Plus, when you’re cooking outside, clean-up…

by FoodologyGeeks