Prawn Skewers

Skewer Recipe Ideas

Skewers are a popular way of holding together small pieces of food to cook them on the barbecue and they are found in almost every culture.

The actual items cooked on the skewers are known by a variety of names including kebabs, kebobs, and satays. The creativity is much larger with smaller toothpicks also being used frequently.

Modern skewers are typically made of bamboo but may also be made of wood or steel. Sticks gathered to cook over the fire are green and springy making them less likely to catch fire. Some skewers may be made of herbs such as thyme twigs or lemongrass.

Our Best Skewer Recipes

Newest Skewers Recipes

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by Harry Soo

Grilled Beef Kebob

These grilled beef kebobs are as tasty as they are colorful. With only a 10-minute cook time dinner is quick…

by Tim Scheer

Piri Piri Chicken

These scratch-made grilled Piri Piri chicken skewers will add a bit of heat and flavor to your next backyard barbecue…

by Sage Sanchez

Bacon Turkey Skewers

This is a great barbecue grill recipe with bacon wrapping the pieces of turkey to protect them from the heat…

by BBQ Brian

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Ever wondered how to get the bacon perfect without overcooking the shrimp? This bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe shows you step-by-step how…

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